Welcome to Surface Media, LLC!  Below are required videos to watch prior to your start date with us.  Please reach out to Taryn@surfacemag.com with any questions.  


Surface uses Basecamp to assign and manage tasks.  All employees are required to enroll in an online training seminar (takes place twice a week).  You can enroll for one of the seminars here

Additional support videos located here

GMail & Google Apps 

Surface's e-mail is hosted by Gmail. To learn more about Gmail please watch the videos here

To learn more about Google Apps please watch the video here

Dropbox & Google Drive

All employees are expected to download and use Google Drive for document storage and sharing as well as DropBox.   
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It is essential to have all company-related documents stored and organized in one place.  This ensures easy access for your team members and prevents the loss of information.  It also ties directly to Dropbox and Gmail which the company supports.

How to download:
    1.     Go to http://drive.google.com.
    2.    Click the Download Google Drive for your Mac button.
    3.    Open installgoogledrive.dmg.
    4.    Open the installation file and drag the Google Drive icon to your Applications folder.
    5.    Open Google Drive from your Applications folder (you may receive a warning that Google Drive is an            application downloaded from the Internet. Click the Open button).
    6.    Enter your Google Account username and password in the window that opens. This will be the                      account associated with Google Drive for your Mac.
    7.    Complete the installation package instructions.
    8.    Launch Google Drive for your Mac from the toolbar. Drag files and folders into your Google Drive                  folder to begin syncing items to My Drive (part of Google Drive on the web).

All employees are expected to download the Dropbox app.  If you do not currently have this app downloaded please follow the instructions below.  In addition it is essential that only those files you are currently working on are checked and in use on the app to ensure too much space is not being taken up on your hard drive (these files can still be accessed via the Internet by logging into your account).

To Download: 
Visit Dropbox.com and log into your account.  When prompted select “offline installer”, which will start the download to your desktop.

Training videos for Dropbox are located here and additional resources for viewing available here


All employees are required by the company's expense policy to utilize Concur.  A full how-to guide will be given to you on your first day, but visit here to watch the video tour of the site and here for a resource guide.


Prior to your start you should have received a link to Zenefits (our benefits administrator and online HR portal). Through this site you have access to your health insurance, personal information and PTO scheduling module.  

To learn more about Zenefits click here

Recommended App Downloads

As a company we use the following programs which we recommend you download on your smartphone for the best integration with our systems:

  • Basecamp
  • Squarespace 
  • Concur 
  • Google Drive 
  • Mailchimp 
  • Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)