The following restaurants believe in design and have Surface available for their patrons.


Bourgeois Pig- Los Angeles, CA

Broome Street- Los Angeles, CA

Cafe Intellegentista- Los Angeles, CA

Cafe Trieste- San Francisco, CA

Copa Vida-Pasadena, CA

Four Barrel- San Francisco, CA

Lamill- Los Angeles, CA

Ritual Coffee Roasters- San Francisco, CA


Café Demetrio- Coral Gables, FL

Nespresso Cafe- Miami, FL


Bow Truss Coffee Roasters- Chicago, IL

Caffe Streets- Chicago, IL

Gaslight Coffe Roasters- Chicago,  IL

Star Lounge Coffee- Chicago, IL



New York

Balthazar Restaurant- New York, NY

Cafe Select- New York, NY

Cantine Parisienne- New York, NY

Happy Bones- New York, NY

Odeon- New York, NY

Oslo Coffee Roasters- Brooklyn, NY

Sessanta Ristorante- New York, NY

Schillers- New York, NY

Ted & Honey- New York, NY

The Butcher's Daughter- New York, NY

The Smile- New York, NY


Stumptown Coffee Roasters- Portland, OR