Photo: Courtesy Ralph Lauren.

Photo: Courtesy Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren 


The 75-year-old executive is best known for his multibillion-dollar corporation and collection of fine automobiles, including a 1931 Alfa Romeo, a 1938 Bugatti, a 1955 Jaguar, a 1960 Ferrari, and a 1996 McLaren. But Lauren has another growing empire in an entirely different category: food. Following the restaurants Ralph’s in Paris and RL in Chicago, the new Polo Bar—located next to the recently opened Polo flagship on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan—gives the fashion-world legend and his powerful friends a place to convene on his home turf. Designed in-house by the Ralph Lauren creative-services team, the clubby space offers a warm ambience full of brass, oak, pine, aged leather, and marble. 



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