Photo: Courtesy Odette

Photo: Courtesy Odette

The Forest of Forgotten Vegetables aims to showcase autumn root vegetables that are typically overlooked, in a simple yet comforting dish that highlights the differing textures and flavors of each component. Similarly, this signifies the coming together of creative sensibilities in the collaborative making of Odette.

Autumn Root Vegetables

Chervil Roots
Parsley Roots
Jerusalem artichoke
Glazed chestnuts

Prepare the vegetables and set aside to cool.


Crème de Chataigne

Ponthier chestnuts
Egg yolk

In a cocotte, gently melt the butter. Add in the chestnuts and allow it to sweat slowly. Pour in water and season the mixture with salt and the cardamom. Bring the mixture to a slow boil and simmer gently. Add egg yolks and butter to the mixture and blend gently to achieve a creamy consistency.\


Jerusalem Artichoke Puree

Jerusalem artichoke
Almond powder

Sous-vide the Jerusalem artichokes in a vacuum bag while separately bringing the cream and almond powder to a boil. Combine ingredients and blend till smooth.


Parsnip & White Chocolate Puree

Olive oil emulsion
White chocolate

Peel and quarter the parsnips. Steam them in a vacuum bag before blitzing them with the olive oil emulsion and white chocolate.


Hazelnut Crumble

Toasted hazelnuts
Icing sugar
Bread crumbs
Salted butter

Bake at 350 degrees Celsius for six minutes before use.


Mushroom Ketchup

Brown mushrooms
Gellan gum
Chardonnay vinegar
Unrefined caster sugar
Shiro Shoyu

Place the mushroom and salt in a food processor and blitz together briefly. Transfer the mixture to a double-layered muslin pouch and hang this overnight in the fridge with a container underneath to catch the liquid. 

Pour the collected mushroom liquid into a Thermomix at 200 degrees on low speed. Add the gellan gum until fully incorporated. Pour the mixture into a container and cool over an ice bath. Combine the vinegar and sugar in a small pan and bring it to a boil before setting aside to cool. With a hand blender, mix the vinegar mixture, mushroom mixture, and Shiro Shoyu. Pass mixture through a sieve before use.


Parsley Sponge

Mineral water

Heat water and butter. Place the parsley into a blender, pour in butter mixture and blend until smooth. Beat the eggs with flour and yeast until thoroughly mixed. Blend the ingredients together until smooth and place mixture into a siphon. Dispense batter into a ramekin and microwave. 



Hazelnut oil
Fresh hazelnuts    
Jerusalem artichoke chips
Mourron des oiseaux
Sliced auvergne ham
Apple baton


Julien Royer is the Chef de Cuisine at Odette in Singapore. He was previously the head chef at the acclaimed modern French restaurant, Jaan, at the nearby Swissotel The Stamford.