In June, the Gramercy Park Hotel temporarily transformed its terrace into a Pop Art gallery and rooftop party to celebrate Perrier’s most recent collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation. The iconic sparkling water brand is celebrating its 150th anniversary with limited-edition bottles inspired by Andy Warhol’s 1983 Perrier Screen Prints. Warhol's work centered on the the idea of mass consumption, so we can only imagine he would delight in seeing his designs plastered across these notorious green bottles en masse. The bottles come in various sizes and shapes, but all are vibrantly colored and feature one of seven Warhol sayings.

One of the Perrier bottles reads, “Pop Art is for everyone.” As Tom Brown, CEO and President of Nestlé Waters North America, said at the event, “That’s the essence of Perrier. We have a saying, ‘C’est fou.’ Perrier is fun. It’s whatever you want it to be.” Between sips of Dom Perignon and Perrier cocktails (but of course!) some guests took this particular Andy-ism to heart. While the gift-bag chocolate bars wrapped in Andy quotes were devoured almost immediately, it seems these adorned Perrier bottles won’t be discarded anytime soon.