APPLe watch HERMÈS is A stocking stuffer if there ever was one

By Courtney Kenefick

It's hard to garner attention with a partnership in this collaboration-crazy world, but the September announcement of an Hermès Apple Watch has managed to break through the noise. The new release marries two equally recognizable status symbols: the Apple Watch and an Hermès timepiece. It's an unlikely pairing, but one with synergy. While the Apple Watch epitomizes contemporary innovation, Hermès's cachet lies in its heritage and history. The two brands find commonality in obsessive attention to high design. Each case, available in 38mm and 42mm, features an etching of the Hermès logo, and includes three exclusive digital dial designs. Add a trio of strap options - it's available in Single Tour, Double Tour, and Cuff, all Hermès classics - and this is arguably the first true luxury smart watch. $1,100-$1,500,