This modern shaver makes rebelling against technology a little less cool

BY ETHAN WOLFF-MANN (editor of the website Supercompressor)

In the age of the Apple Watch, it's become trendy to rebel against technology, going back to basics by embracing things like vinyl records, film cameras, and straight razors. Comforting and effective as these old methods are, it's hard not to be impressed by contemporary technology like Braun's sleek Series 9 shaver. It may not be ritualistic, but it's a rather efficient tool for those who prioritize speed, easy cleanup, and modern design. "Rooted in a history of premium German engineering, its iconic design combines the best features from past and present," Dr. Miriam Ritzier, Braun's head of global scientific communications, says. The Series 9 is a handsome product following Braun's tradition of design driven by aesthetics rather than discreetness. "Series 9 is Braun's most intuitive and stylish shaver," she says, "as well as the world's most efficient." A good thing, because no one wants to read a user manual at 6:30 in the morning.