19th-century Parisian essentials get a slight modern upgrade in Pauline Deltour's gadget design

BY ETHAN WOLFF-MANN, editor at the website Supercrompressor

Despite strong trends in contemporary gadgetry to really amp up the technology, French product designer Pauline Deltour's new Fine collection for Lexon mutes the modern flair. Including a Bluetooth speaker, power bank, USB flash drive, and business card holder, Deltour's line derives from classic 19th-century Parisian essentials, upgraded and designed to compliment modern handbags. According to Deltour, the signature of the collection is "the perfect contrast between the elegant feminine world and the industrial one," and the choice of a stylish material palette - anodized aluminums colored in gunmetal, burgundy, dark blue, and soft gold - drives that point home. Small trinket like, and portable, each of the items is tech-savvy without the geek factor: The USB flash drive doubles as a keychain ring, and the cardholder contains a round mirror as a swiveling partition - a play on the pocket compact. Unlike a substantial portion of gadgets in the marketplace today, the Fine collection should stay elegant and contemporary long after its electronic insides have become dated.